January 25, 2015

The thoughts are free, Egypt!

On the fourth anniversary of Egypt's revolution, things are not the way they are supposed to be. But don't despair, #jan25. They can arrest activists – but never their thoughts. The thoughts are free – and will always be!

This German protest song, in a wonderful interpretation by Italian singer Milva, has scared tyrants for over 200 years and robbed them of their sleep.

The thoughts are free! – There is nothing they can do against it.

Keep going, Egypt. #jan25 is alive in your hearts and can never be removed anymore from the system.

Here is the translation in full:

The thoughts are free -
who ever can guess them?
They fly by
like nocturnal shadows
No man can know them
No hunter can down them
with powder or lead -
The thoughts are free!

I think what I want
and what satisfies me
In my inner space
and just how it should be
My wish and desire
no one can deny me
It remains a fact to be -
The thoughts are free!

And if they arrest me
and throw me in dungeons
All that will be nothing
but futile attempts
Because my thoughts
manage to tear down
the barriers and walls.
The thoughts are free!

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