June 12, 2016

R.I.P. Christina Grimmie – Sing to the Delight of Angels in the Sky

On Friday night I was performing with a choir and a Shakespeare Company in a wonderful open-air venue in front of an audience that showered us with applause. Today I learn the shocking news that Christina Grimmie (@TheRealGrimmie on twitter) was shot on the same night after her performance in Orlando. While we revelled deep into the night in our bliss of an audience being happy, on the other side of the ocean Christina was killed when she signed autographs after her concert, by a man they presume was a deranged fan. She welcomed him with arms open for a hug – and he responded by shooting her.

I am shattered. I have admired her for years for her voice, her talent and her beautiful, friendly, natural ways, ever since I discovered her doing this amazing duet with Sam Tsui:

It was just a dream

Today, after hearing the news of the death of 22 year old Christina Grimmie, the words develop a haunting tone, speak of sadness and grief over the senseless killing of someone so young, so willing to give beauty to the world, caring for others and sharing her amazing talent with all. No words can describe the devastation to learn that once more beauty is ruthlessly destroyed by a man unable himself to give beauty to this world. And that obtaining guns in America is so easy and once more leads to a horrific shooting.

Many who knew and worked with her have expressed their shock over her killing, saying how heartbroken they are that this beautiful human being has been denied the life she deserved to possess.

Sam Tsui took to music as the only possible way to pay tribute to Christina Grimmie, unable to put into words the grief that fills the heart.

It was just a dream

We say: R.I.P. Christina. But in our soul we know that you never wanted to rest in peace but sing forever to fill homes, halls and the sky.

When we performed last night once more Shakespeare and music, the sky had this time turned grey at our venue and it began to rain softly. The mood, suddenly so different to Friday, was sombre and the atmosphere inexplicably strained. Now that I heard the news, I think the sky wept over Christina Grimmie‘s killing the night before. It can only have been that.

The sky has her now but it also knows what mortals down here miss. Her voice. Her face. Her smile. Her naturalness.

May you sing to the delight of angels in the sky now, Christina. Music will never stop. Bullets can never achieve this.

No one will accept that this was just a dream. You will be unforgotten by and forever real to those who loved and admired you.



Post scriptum: Only one day later, last night, another deranged man stormed a gay night club in Orlando and fired into the dancing crowd killing at least 50 and injuring 53. The sadness is of unspeakable dimension. May Sam Tsui‘s tribute to you, Christina, be a tribute too to those who were allowed to live only one day longer than you. May you all know that you were loved and will never leave the hearts of your families, friends and admirers. My prayers are with those who miss you all so terribly.

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