February 12, 2011

The proudest people in the world


Only nine days after the 'bloody Wednesday' the Egyptian people have won!

"Leave, leave" they chanted for days on end and the hated dictator today finally has resigned, his henchmen Soliman is out of power and the people are dancing and singing on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and all over Egypt!

After the fall of the Berlin Wall this no doubt is the second major historical change to witness in the world since the last decades. And the world is elated.

Where the dreaded regime only last week showed ruthless brutality, the Egyptian people have won the battle with an undeterred will for non-violence. If anything, Egypt has shown to the whole world what powers lie in a peaceful revolution - and that it can be done, if you want it to happen.

Congratulations Egypt! You must be the proudest people in the world tonight!

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