February 03, 2011

Tahrir sq. - Update Feb 03


The attacks have continued through the night with shots being fired at the peaceful demonstrators. - The Ministry of Health now confirms five killed and 836 injured!

The Guardian blog reports at 8:40am

"Eyewitnesses who spent the night in Tahrir said there were major shooting incidents at 11pm and 4am local time, the latter involving a sniper equipped with a laser sight. Seven protesters were reported to be confirmed dead at a nearby makeshift medical centre, with three other bodies still unrecovered.

"We had over a thousand injured through the night, including several dead from gunshots," said Dr Dr Ibrahim Fata, a professor of surgery and one of more than 70 doctors who have volunteered to help treat those injured at the square. "It's like a war situation in here...“


The Ministry of Health now confirms 13 people killed last night and more than 1.200 injured. From a hospital via tweet comes the number of 35 people killed.

Whatever the number. They were innocent, unarmed people shot in the head by snipers!

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