March 01, 2011

Urgent - Help release Ziad Bakir!

One month after the revolution started many people are still missing who have been abducted by police or the military forces. One of them is Ziad Bakir, an artist and graphic designer with the Cairo Opera. Ziad, father of three, is missing since Jan28, and his family have searched everywhere for him. He disappeared near Tahrir square where he was peacefully participating in the demonstrations. Many people got rounded up and arrested by the forces and taken to unknown places. Although the new government had promised to release all demonstrators that were arrested, four weeks later they still have not done so!

If you live outside of Egypt, please write a short email to your nearest Embassy of Egypt attaching the picture below and asking for his immediate release! His family can‘t bear missing him any longer! He has now been missing for a whole month!

Sending a short email with the picture is the fastest and easiest form to pressure the Egyptian authorities to finally release Ziad Bakir!

For finding the email adress of your nearest Egyptian Embassy check these lists:

Embassies with English web-sites

Embassies with French web-sites

Embassies with Arabic web-sites


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