March 13, 2011

Tarek Abdel Latif - R.I.P.

Experiencing horror in the aftermath of Egypt's revolution.

Last 24 hrs have been gruesome with two bodies found in morgues that were thought to be Ziad Bakir and Tarek Abdel Latif. They both are missing since Jan 28 and we campaigned worldwide for them.

The day yesterday turned out a nightmare. In the end it was confirmed that Tarek is dead with a 4mm bullet in his neck. The autopsy today of the other body does not yet confirm Ziad's death. We have to wait for the autopsy results. For the family an unbearable burden.

Tarek Abdel Latif was an Engineer from Cairo and a peaceful loving man. He leaves his wife and two small children. The family is devastated.

686 people are so far confirmed killed in the peaceful revolution since Jan 25. But peaceful were only the demonstrators. Special Security police and Army were killing machines. Special Security has been officially destroyed now but the army is getting more and more aggressive.

The battle of the Egyptian people for freedom and the right to live is not yet won. It must go on.

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